Digital Marketing Internship Program

Digital Marketing Internship Program

Details of Digital Marketing Program

This exclusive online marketing internship program is designed to overcome the limitations of the existing Digital Marketing programs. It has been structurally designed by Deepak Kanakraju , known as DigitalDeepak, where the members would get the opportunity to learn Digital marketing concepts and tech-know of its application.

The course has been strategically designed which creates the platform for every person who is Digital Marketing enthusiast and looking for the appropriate mentorship to move from beginner to an expert level.

It’s a 3 months journey structured in weekly insightful sessions. As we know real learning happens when you get your hands on it. Likewise, members would be required to complete the assignment being allotted to them at the end of each session where one would be implementing the practical implementation of the concepts learned in the respective session. Each assignment will take you one step closer to your dream of being an expert in Digital marketing.

As we know we don’t give our 100% efforts when we get something for free,thus, this program charges nominal amount. But , one who is sincere and enthusiast for this opportunity need not worry about the fee. Just think of deposit this money with your mentor which you will be getting back with the submission of you assignment within time limit along with interest. Thus, it is only program which will you to an opportunity to earn.


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