Passage To Build Your Own Personal Branding
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Passage To Build Your Own Personal Branding

It has been aptly said that change is the constant thing in this world. Well, I couldn’t agree more to it that the business world has been unleashing new ways to do business and making millions out of it. Likewise, Varun Agarwal, 27-year-old first generation entrepreneur who runs AlmaMater, is of among many who understood the true potential of personal branding and has been successful in establishing million-dollar company.

Now, you must be wondering what it takes to build our own personal branding. The purpose of writing this article is to share valuable insights to kick start you own personal branding in order to have your own business.  

Prior initiating your journey, one should remember a key lesson for life i.e. Focus on one thing. Whenever you do something in life then try to focus on that thing until you get there. As, we know that Pareto’s principle, 80/20 rule i.e.  roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes, and we need to focus on that 20% in order to be successful.

Personal brand helps us by making things easier by 10 times. As, it helps us in differentiating ourselves from others. It gives us the identity and recognition with which people could relate too. One must put in sincere efforts in Personal branding as it’s a gradual process whose benefits will be reaped over the years. In this, the best known will always beat the best. Thus, one should leave no stone unturned while building Personal Brand.

Personal Branding Funnel

While building Personal Brand, one must go through Personal branding Funnel

       Funnel begins with Awareness in which one should direct its efforts in creating awareness about its existence. To create awareness, social media is one of the best ways to opt through various channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many other. These are the cheapest source to create maximum reach. For example, to create Personal Branding in the field of digital marketing, one can start writing blogs which can be shared through social media by creating own channel and website. By creating own Channel/website, it will help in creating distinguish identity through which people would recognize you.

Next stage i.e. Credibility would assist in attracting and retaining people who would be interested in your value proposition. Credibility is highly crucial factor in converting visitors to the consumers. As in our example, a person could establish his/her credibility by social proof. Nowadays, people look for the reviews and comments of prior consumers before making their own purchase. Thus, it helps in customer acquisition by increasing their confidence and satisfaction level. Also, publishing own book/novel would add valuable points in establishing the credibility. Moreover, an individual should share his previous work experience so that potential consumers could understand and relate better with you.

Previous two stages would lead you to the third stage i.e. Reputation. By the time one reaches at this stage, you would have created a customer base. These customers would help in creating new customer as they would do branding on your behalf. Hence, one should make sure to deliver his/her proposition in a way were customer should sense that the worth of proposition is way more than they pay. It will help in building highly positive reputation among customers.   

  The last stage is Fame, here, individual enjoys the return of his investment in the previous stages. At this stage, the return margins are very high. Also, one should make sure not to compromise on expectations of the established fans. Moreover, it will give an added incentive to interact with new people, thus, increase network base as we already know that network is the net worth in personal branding.

Finally, we know the passage to our brand personal.

Then what are we waiting for? Just start walking on the route to have your own Personal Branding.

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